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Guide:How Do I Choose A Car Electric Blanket

Aug. 12, 2021

12V Electric Car Blanket, Trunk Travel Heated Blanket Fleece Travel Throw for Car and RV

If your car, truck, or RV heater isn't powerful enough to keep you warm in the winter (or if your passengers prefer different cabin temperatures), consider purchasing an electric travel blanket. They are inserted into your vehicle's 12-volt socket or cigarette lighter and heated with insulated wires. See our selection of the best heated car blankets.


Why buy a heating car blanket

Keep your body warm. If you often get cold on the road, the carblanket heater will ensure you don't catch cold on the way. They're also handy if your vehicle breaks down unexpectedly and you end up waiting for help in cold weather.

Relax your muscles. You can wrap a car blanket around your shoulders while driving to relax your muscles and make your back feel better. This is especially beneficial if you drive long distances and suffer from joint problems.


Type of heated car blanket

Cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles have 12-volt outlets, also known as 12-volt auxiliary power outlets or cigarette lighters. They power portable electronic devices, such as heated car blankets. The plug-in blanket is powered by a 12-volt outlet. Some vehicles contain multiple outlets to power multiple accessory devices simultaneously.

Warm Electric Blanket Shawl, Electric Car Blanket-12V Heated Auto Car Travel Blanket

Focus on the following features


Car heating blankets come in a variety of fabrics, including polyester wool. Some are softer and/or more durable than others. Choose a material that you enjoy and is most comfortable and warm on a road trip.

Automatically shut down

Some automotive heating blankets include an auto-off feature. The automatic shutdown function can be enabled when the temperature is too high or after a specified period (30 minutes). This allows you to use the blanket without having to worry about turning it off.

Temperature setting

If you want to control a range of heating options, consider purchasing a plug-in car blanket with at least dual temperature setting controls (high and low). The more heat Settings you have, the easier it will be to control the temperature of your travel blanket.

Indicator light

Some heated travel blankets have an indicator on the wire to let you know when the product is working. The indicator lights up when the blanket is turned on. When the blanket is off, the lights go out. This will allow you to look at the indicator to determine if the blanket is open without touching it.

Big or small size

If you are an adult and want the blanket to cover your entire body, you should purchase a blanket at least 58 inches long by 42 inches wide. If a child, a child in a car seat or a pet is using a blanket, a smaller size is fine.

Wire length

The best 12 volt blanket has at least 6 feet of wire. This will enable you to plug it into a socket and use the product in the back seat of your car. Otherwise, you may need to use an extension cord.

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