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Upgrade Your Massage Table with A Customized Heated Blanket!

Sep. 11, 2021

Does your massage table look tired, but you're not ready to go looking for a new one? Don't worry, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your treatment table and still make your massage therapy clinic look great! MULAN shares with you the wonderful benefits of having an electric massage blanket!

Cotton blanket, heated electric throw blanket for massage warmer table pad

Replace a new cover

Some old massage chairs are subjected to years of abuse from chemical and alcohol-based cleaners that can take moisture out of the chairs, leaving them corroded and torn. Massage oils and residue from human sweat can also eat away at the material over the years if left on the surface of the sofa. 

You can simply cover the table with a new upholstered cover made of the same or better material than your previous table.

Use our massage bed electric heating blanket and ditch that plain old standard blanket. Switch to premium wool massage table heaters, each with 4 elastic straps to ensure a perfect fit and stability on a full-size massage table. The straps also facilitate easy removal when cleaning is needed, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Hydrotherapy head cushion 

If you use a massage table with a back lift, then you may have noticed that many massage tables only have horseshoe shaped cushions, which are better suited for prone/face down treatments.

Clients will be impressed that you offer them a variety of options to stay comfortable. If you don't have the funds to replace your head cushion, then go with our massage bed electric blanket!!! Great for relaxing - no pillows required!

Pamper these padded fleece cushions with a 12-foot power cord that can be removed for wireless operation. For convenience, the bottom of the pads can be easily connected to any electrical outlet.

Floating on cloud

For many clients, going for a massage is associated with visiting a spa and experiencing a certain level of luxury.

Creating a luxurious and relaxing space will help your clients relax during their treatment, away from the stresses of everyday life, will add to your client's experience and make them more likely to be tempted to return on a regular basis. So now, choose our massage bed electric blanket. It has many advantages.

Three heat settings. It can be customizable for warmth, not just a bed sheet. The Massage Bed Electric Blanket keeps guests from getting cold during a massage. You can choose the optimal heating temperature for any spa or massage service by simply pressing a button with the manual control. The maximum temperature is adjustable up to 45C or 113F.

Stop waiting now and contact us here to buy your dreaming customized heating blankets! ! !

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