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Stay Safe: How To Use Electric Blankets Correctly

Jul. 30, 2021

On a cold winter day, or in an air-conditioned room in summer, you want to sleep beautifully but feel cold, even if the air temperature is suitable, the quilt is cold. What should you do? This time many people think of a magic weapon: electric blanket. Because it is plugged into the electricity, so there are some safety precautions.

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1, Check before use

Most electric blankets use a similar design - a long, heat-generating wire is sewn into the innermost layer. Because these wires must be very thin to keep the blanket soft and pliable, they can be easily damaged. Therefore, the first step in electric blanket maintenance is to handle them carefully.

Even if you've been gentle, it's important to carefully inspect your blanket before plugging it in. Look for tears, exposed wires or burn marks, and discard the blanket if you find any signs of damage. When storing your blanket, do not fold it, as creases may cause wires to break. Instead, roll it loosely.

2, Do not use it all night

One of the most common questions about electric under blankets is whether it is safe to leave them overnight. While modern, well-maintained electric blankets are unlikely to cause problems when used properly, it is not recommended that they be used throughout the night.

When using an electric blanket to heat your bed, consider heating a sheeted mattress with the blanket pulled down. After a few minutes, pull up the covers and lay the electric blanket as the top layer. The blanket will trap the heat in the mattress so that when you enter, the entire bed will feel warm. Even if the heat is turned off, you may feel warm for up to an hour, giving you plenty of time to fall asleep.

3, Stay away from water

The blanket has wires in it and the wires are connected to a power source. If you sleep with a glass of water at the foot of your bed, be careful. If you knock over the glass and spill the water, it could cause a short circuit because it's not sure if there are exposed wires in your blanket. Can't be too careful.

4, Watch children and pets

If you plan to use an electric blanket, make sure your pet is not too close. A sharp tooth or claw may pierce the insulation on the cord or may damage the cord. Also, don't let small children step on the electric blanket, even if your blanket is perfectly intact and safe, the safety of your children is most important. It is a good idea to keep your electric blanket locked up in a cabinet during the daytime.

5. Pay attention to the age

You should also check the documentation that comes with any new electric message blanket to verify its expected lifespan. These are only guidelines, and some electric blankets may provide safe service for more than this estimated number of years, but it is best to replace electric blankets at the recommended intervals to minimize the risk of fire or electric shock. When used properly, electric blankets can be one of the most effective tools in a winter heating strategy.

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Anyway, keeping safety when using a electric blanket is all we want. Contact us and we will help you with your questions. We have high quality materials and layouts, including Electric Car BlanketHeating Pad, Shoulder Pad and so on. You will enjoy the luxury and comfort of a custom heated blanket and add this single addition to your home decor.

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